“Finca Cortesín is a reference point for quality and service on the Costa del Sol”

If there is one particular golf club that has achieved stunning success, that club is without a doubt Finca Cortesín. Its commitment right from the start to providing the highest quality amenities and exceptional client service – as well as hosting one of the premier international tournaments, the World Match Play Championship – is just one of the keys to its global renown.

Finca Cortesín manager Carlos Beautell brings us up to date with latest news from one of the Costa del Sol’s flagship courses.

- How has 2014 begun for you?

- I have very positive feelings about this year. The first five months have actually been very good, and the forecast for the whole year is better than in 2013, so there is only reason for satisfaction.

- Finca Cortesín is constantly innovating and improving, and among the new administrative initiatives being implemented is “revenue management”. What does this involve?

- There are more and more clubs that have implemented it in Spain, and in the United States it has been a reality for some time now. We had no hesitation in getting on board with this formula for selling green fees, in order to maximise revenue and activity through the Golfswitch platform together with Golfspain. Revenue management basically consists of optimising the relationship between golf course activity and price to achieve maximum possible benefits. This kind of management has been used in the airline and hotel industries for years, and it seems as though it is finally being implemented in the world of golf.

From this summer – through our online bookings platform – clients will always be able to reserve the best possible price, and this will depend on occupancy and advance booking. That means, the earlier you book, the better price you will be able to obtain. This is a great advantage for golfers, as they always have available the most attractive prices, and for clubs it helps to maximise activity and revenue. To that end we encourage all our clients to start using this tool, and they will benefit from booking tee times through our website, www.fincacortesin.com, comparing prices by the day and hour.

- Thee are undoubtedly new times for golf. What is this new app that you have just showed us?

We also hope to launch the app in summer, and it’s a personalised app for Finca Cortesín. In addition to including all information about our course and resort, it also offers a GPS measuring system to the flag and videos of each hole. However, of course, the main advantages are the benefits and discounts that only clients using the app can enjoy at Finca Cortesín. We therefore encourage all clients, especially those living in the area, to download this app, which is fantastic and offers numerous possibilities and options.

- Any other new initiative?

- For us, maintenance of the course is our number one priority. We don’t skimp on money there, as we believe the most important thing is that the course is in perfect condition for play, and this is almost an obsession and of maximum priority. Accompanied by impeccable service, of course.

“We aim to once again host a major European Tour event”

This year we have remodelled various tees to provide wider driving areas and better views including, for example, the 11th, 14th and 15th holes. We are continuing with ongoing improvements to the drainage, renovation of bunkers and improvements to the landscape, and we are planning a revamp of the greens over approximately two years, to improve grass quality with the latest varieties available. We aim to once again host a major European Tour event, and to that end the course cannot stop improving and growing.

- In that case, Finca Cortesín remains a reference point for quality on the Costa del Sol...

- As I mentioned before, providing quality and service is our maximum priority, and that’s why it is more expensive to play here. But we believe it is worth it, and that’s the impression our clients give us, returning every year and growing in numbers. This year we are also planning to renovate all the buggies’ GPS systems to a more modern and tactile model, we are developing a special Elite programme for our Jack Nicklaus golf academy, and for 2015 we have various other ideas to surprise and provide more services to our clients. But I’ll let you now about that later, when it’s all well developed. Finca Cortesín is a fantastic project and I recommend all those who appreciate quality and good golf to come here and enjoy the best golfing experience in Spain.