He was born in Valencia but has spent the least time living there. From eight years of age, for family reasons, he lived in various parts of Spain and also for five years in the United States, where he completed his senior high school studies and graduated with a degree in business management and administration, specialising in the American PGA’s “professional golf management”.  

He had options to stay in the US but decided to return to Spain, where he began working at a members club near Barcelona known at the time as Masia Bach and now Barcelona Golf Club. Later, he spent five years at Bonmont Golf in Tarragona.

He then had the opportunity of moving to Portugal and working at Westin CampoReal Golf in Lisbon. Shortly after that he was hired by PGA Catalunya Resort on the Costa Brava, where he remained for eight years, initially managing the golf department and during his final year as operations manager for the whole resort.

Two years ago he did a masters degree in advanced management at the IESE Business School, and one month ago he completed a masters in hotel management from Cornell University in the United States.

Following this fascinating professional journey, and after his time at PGA Catalunya, he has now joined the team at another top club in Spain (and indeed the whole of Europe).

- What are your short-term objectives as golf director at Finca Cortesín?

- After eight years at the PGA, which was a great period for me, when we achieved many important things, I needed a change and the opportunity arose to come to Finca Cortesín. It really is a unique complex in Spain, I would say. My objective is to promote and sell this product, which is different to the PGA. This year we plan various initiatives at Finca Cortesín, and one of those is to improve the greens and become the first course in Spain with Bermuda greens. It’s a challenge at a technical level, and also in communication, so that people realise the change improves the state of the greens and also there are environmental benefits, because these greens require less water.  

- What are the main virtues of Finca Cortesín in comparison with other courses and golf resorts?

- As for golf, our main strength – in addition to the quality of the course – is the five-star service we offer to clients. I believe this is a unique service in Spain, and I would even say almost in Europe when it comes to resorts. Then there is the design and the maintenance levels at the course. And all of that is what makes Finca Cortesín stand out from the rest. In addition, we have one of the finest hotels in Europe, which is fantastic, and a global service provided constantly at the resort, both the hotel and the golf, as well as the residential – at a five-star level.

- When will work start on the greens and how long will it take?

- It will be carried out in July. We’ll close the course for a month, doing all 18 greens at once, and we’ll re-open it in August.

- What encouraged you personally to take up golf?

- It’s interesting because no-one in my family plays golf. I went to study for two years at school in the United States and the family with whom I was living played golf. Their son was studying to become a superintendent (or greenkeeper) and I became attracted to play the game with them.

- How often do you play golf?

- I play a lot less than I would like to, the same as for all of us in this kind of job.

- What is your handicap?

- It’s eight and frozen at that, because I play a lot for work – business golf, as I call it – with journalists, tour operators and clients, but unfortunately less and less for pleasure.

- You have worked in areas that are rivals to this one. What do you think about the Costa del Sol?

- The Costa del Sol is a pacesetter, a reference point. When I have been trying to promote other areas as part of my work, people always say, “No, we’re going to the Costa del Sol.” I think it’s a fantastic destination, not only for the quality and quantity of the golf courses but also because of the climate, the gastronomy and many other attractive aspects.

- Finca Cortesín has hosted three World Match Play Championships. Will we once again be able to enjoy a major tournament at the course?

- Finca Cortesín is always working on major projects and major challenges: we don’t rule out anything.