Innovative and Personalised Boutique Hotel Concept in Marbella


It is, above all else, a unique concept of accommodation, a different and exclusive way of enjoying a short break or a long holiday without having to worry about anything. Located conveniently close to the famous and cosmopolitan marina from which it takes its name, 300 metres from the beach and less than 10 minutes from Marbella’s town centre, The Touch Puerto Banús boutique hotel ensures that everything is carefully planned and focused on delighting guests.

Martin Nielsen, creator of The Touch Puerto Banús through his company Avantum Group, is enthusiastic about the response to the hotel in its first weeks of activity. "It's been fantastic, and even more so considering that The Touch brand I created in September 2017 is not even four months old, with all that that entails. We have very high occupancy despite being in the low season, and the comments of the guests could not be more positive, so we are very happy."


What is the hotel’s capacity and main features?

Currently there are 11 units and a total of 12 bedrooms, for a maximum of 24 guests, in 2,300 square metres of ceiling area: that is, many metres per guest. And I say currently because there is the possibility of expanding the facilities, both within the current house and using up the buildable space outside – there is almost 800 metres still available for building. We have more than 8,000 square metres of gardens, two swimming pools – one for adults and one for children – and a kids club in summer, with its own bar and tree house, even for sleeping, as well as 24-hour room service.


What contribution does this new establishment make to the already wide range of hotels in Marbella and elsewhere on the Costa del Sol?

The Touch is different: more than a hotel it is a hotel concept of personalised accommodation. It is a small establishment with a lot of space available for the enjoyment of each guest, and a totally personalised service in which each guest has his or her host instead of a traditional receptionist. From the moment a reservation is registered, the future guest receives an email presenting the person who will welcome them upon arrival. We try to give a personal touch to everything we do, hence the name The Touch. We are creating a lot of commercial merchandising, as well as a range of our own bicycles, and experience trips with a personalised service and chauffeur accompanying groups of two to seven people to places like Tangier, Gibraltar or Granada. What we are creating is a brand that identifies and recognises service of the highest quality, a standardisation of services connected to The Touch to ensure an experience that lives up to the expectations of guests.


With its personalised services, could it be said that this kind of accommodation is something of a pioneer in this tourist area?

I think I would almost say "pioneer in Spain" in general when it comes to having a host instead of a receptionist. In a large hotel it could hardly be done due to the large number of guests, so there would be no staff capacity to carry it out. Our weakness has become our strength, so to speak. We have just a few accommodation units and a large number of staff members per guest, so we can offer a more personal and exclusive service to each guest.


What will a client find when they arrive at The Touch?

First of all, a highly exclusive service, an extremely cosy atmosphere and top-class facilities. They will also find such key details as a pillow menu, with three different types: basic, premium and exclusive, depending on the weight of each person, their sleeping position, if they suffer from apnoea, if they snore... They are products of the highest quality. For example, this elegant pillow costs €250, a detail that is not usually found in a hotel. Another exclusive aspect of The Touch Banús are the aromatisation capsules for mattresses. In the suites you can choose what kind of aroma you want. When the guest moves, an aroma is emitted. If you travel with your partner, and want a romantic night, we offer cinnamon and vanilla scents; If you travel with your parents, where one of them snores a lot, we add eucalyptus so they can breathe better... it's about “customising” the night, depending on how someone wants to spend it.


Do you offer a pick-up and transfer service to the airport?

Yes, we send high-end cars with approved drivers who welcome the guest very professionally. The vehicles range from Mercedes S Class to Bentley or Maserati for VIP customers.


What is The Touch Experience package?

It comprises travel experiences to a dozen destinations, both short and medium distance: for example, to Córdoba or Tangier. Guests leave from here with a guide so that they can enjoy a totally pleasurable experience with The Touch seal at all times.


The hotel is located in the municipality with the largest number of golf courses in Spain, and with many other courses in its surrounding areas. Is there any The Touch experience for golfers?

We are currently developing different experiences for this type of guest, which will include rental of high-end cars with or without a driver and a series of golf packages that we are developing with a company from the United Kingdom. At The Touch Banús golfers will find the best accommodation and the most meticulous service. The idea is to focus on an ad hoc service for golfers, a guest who tends to be of medium-high to high level and relatively demanding. In addition, we are positioning The Touch for the spa and leisure sector, couples tourism and business trips for middle-aged clients.