Mijas Golf take clients’ safety very seriously, and ensuring they have the necessary devices to handle an emergency is a major concern for them.
Mijas Golf already have the only defibrillator capable of offering remote control, tele-assistance and geo-location 24 hours, seven days a week, which positions it as the safest in the market. As it is semi-automatic, it re-activates and restores normal heartbeat after verifying the electrocardiogram. However, if cardiac arrest is not detected, the defibrillator will not activate to prevent unnecessary discharges.
It is estimated that in Spain there are more than 30,000 cardiac arrests a year (mostly outside a healthcare area), so intervention time is crucial if you want to save a life: every passing minute matters.
After having searched for a system that was recognised as safe and easy to use, with guaranteed functionality, maintenance and maximum speed, Mijas Golf now offer the added value of being considered a cardiological-protected area.