The good news from golf course managers I have spoken to is that this summer has not been too bad as far as number of rounds booked is concerned. Tourism has, in general, received a boost – as always, depending on the area – and the golf market is also improving, though there are some who say the national (Spanish) market has been a weak link.

If the balance for summer has been positive so far, prospects for September and October are also promising. It is clear that various factors are influencing these expectations: conflicts in northern Africa; gradual signs of recovery in the source markets; Turkey starting to become overcrowded when it comes to golf rounds, etc.

I believe, however, that there could be one other key factor in European golfers’ decision to return home”. They have experimented with other destinations and have realised that ours offers much more in many aspects, though it does have some deficiencies in others. Other destinations might be able to equal, even better, us in certain areas – for example, quality, service and maintenance – but what they can’t do is offer complementary amenities. After golf, what else do they offer? Here, on the other hand, there is so much more. No one finds themselves stuck in their luxury hotel because nothing, or practically nothing, is going on outside and they have to wait until the next day.

The crisis cannot last forever and it seems as though this season could mark the start of a recovery for us here.

If we show we are properly prepared for the task ahead, improving in every area we can (quality, services, etc.), or at least eradicating our defects, investing in promotional activities, taking intelligent risks and avoiding faint-hearted remedies, there is no reason why we cannot start on the road back to success, even if by now we all know this won’t be easy – and it won’t be gifted to us.