We are now in the midst of a period which, until recently, was considered the low season for golf. The foreign players had already left and national (Spanish) golfers failed to fill the gap. The latter were also used to “interchanges”, incredible discounts and other bargains that resulted in the clubs’ revenues falling to their lowest levels of the year.

Over time, the high season grew longer and the rest of the year became less and less a low period, per se, or at least a shorter one. These are uncertain times and we don’t know if the forthcoming summer will be like it was before – in effect, pretty bad – or if it will maintain the trend of recent years during which the summer months have not been such a huge disaster.

The national market is down in the dumps – we all know that – but that’s no reason to slip into premature pessimism. If intelligent promotional policies are applied, as well as the necessary “adjustments” (so fashionable at the moment), the results could end up being better than expected.

Everyone, or nearly everyone, seems to agree about the secret of what to do to achieve success during difficult times: ensure a good relationship between quality and price, service and service, small details that “hook” people, etc., etc. So let’s at least apply the prescription and no-one one can say we didn’t try everything. The following season is going to be much better, without a doubt, and the British market will once again be what it was – if a key initiative under development comes to fruition.