By Ali Saudi – Managing Director of Santa María Golf

Twenty-five years have now passed and it seems like only yesterday that we initiated this wonderful adventure at Santa María Golf. Many things have happened during this time, most of them good although some run-of-the-mill and even bad. Nevertheless, that original spirit and commitment to overcome adversity and strive for excellence remains intact.

Our core principle is to do things well and to ensure that our clients are more than satisfied and can enjoy a superb experience from the moment they arrive in the club’s car park to when they leave – hopefully with the keen desire to return as soon as possible.

One of our goals is to provide service of the highest quality, and that is achieved thanks to the professionalism and qualifications of the whole club staff, from those who have direct contact with the players to those whose work is not seen by our visitors but which has a positive effect on clients’ experiences.

The perfect maintenance of the course, as well as the rest of the club amenities, is obviously another of our main daily challenges.

We have never ceased to invest in our amenities and we will continue to do so, offering maximum quality and always at the right price.

We have, as I mentioned, had good, average and bad periods but always – and certainly right now as we celebrate our 25th anniversary – we aim to look to the future with optimism. There have been more than one million rounds played during this time and, having welcomed one million golfers, we feel proud to have made a contribution to tourism in this part of Spain. I can justifiably claim that everyone has left here satisfied, which is quite a difficult achievement for a services-based company like ours.

Our objective is to consolidate our position by maintaining the high level of quality that defines us, both on the course and in the rest of the amenities, attracting golfers who are still not familiar with the club, and increasing the number of annual memberships.

At Santa María Golf, we are one big family and we welcome everyone with open arms. We would love you to visit our club and enjoy our hospitality.