Valle del Este Hotel Golf Spa is located in an exceptional complex in Vera municipality, surrounded by an 18-hole golf course and just five kilometres from the sea. Built in 2004 and renovated at the beginning of 2014, the four-star hotel offers 130 spacious double rooms and 12 suites. Half of the rooms face east (holes 10-18) and the other half are west-facing (holes 1-9). This means guests can choose between enjoying either the sunrise or sunset in this dazzling part of Andalucía – always with views of the golf course. Furthermore, the Mediterranean is visible in the background from the eastern-facing terraces that overlook the last five holes.

Hotel general manager Antonio Torralbo outlines some of the establishment’s key features…

What is the hotel’s main allure in attracting golfers?

Starting from the basis that it is a golfers’ hotel, of particular interest for clients is that they will come across a different kind of golf course, not a typical golf course that people are used to but rather a desert-style layout with its tees separated from the fairways by a part of the Almería desert. They will find a course that is quite different to what they are accustomed to, mainly for that reason but also because of the topography, as the course is very uneven, with great variations in some of the holes. Here it is certainly the case that you will use all the clubs in your bag.

And they will find a very welcoming hotel, very family-orientated, and with staff fully focused on clients. We are proud of our staff. They are young people, and tourists will discover the same kind of attitude here that prevailed in the 1960s when they came to Spain: fresh, really keen, extremely enthusiastic, staff who are not yet burnt out from the tough working conditions in the hotel business. As general manager, I’m delighted to see this attention to clients.

What can you tell us about the hotel’s setting?

It is situated in a very tranquil area, an oasis-like location in Almería. When people enter Almería province, they notice that the landscape starts to lose its verdant green colour and becomes paler, and they start to see brown and desert, and when they arrive at Valle del Este they discover an oasis. It can be quite a shocking sensation, especially for those visiting from overseas, suddenly coming across an oasis. Then they arrive at a hotel that oozes tranquillity, for its location and surroundings. Here, when you get up in the morning and see the views, Vera beach, Garrucha, Sierra Cabrera in the background, the golf course, the large pool… We have many square metres here for the enjoyment of clients, and that also contributes to the sensation of peace and quiet throughout the hotel.

Also important for our hotel is gastronomy, as we pay a great deal of attention to our cuisine and offer more options than other hotels.    

Client wellbeing is another of the hotel’s trump cards…

We have a fully comprehensive spa, offering numerous treatments and stunning views over the golf course, with the beach in the background.

Another advantage of staying at the hotel is that there is a commercial centre just a few metres away…

Yes, we also have a small commercial centre right next to the hotel that includes a restaurant offering typical Spanish food, an English pub with karaoke, another pub, a supermarket… It’s a good complement to the hotel, an alternative leisure option. Golfing groups, for example, are interested in having a place close to the hotel, just a short walk away, to have a few drinks and enjoy a good time without going wild, because the next day they have to play golf – and you pay for your excesses. It’s an alternative, for example, to Mojácar, where you have to go by car.