Reserva del Higuerón Resort’s commitment to a continuous improvement strategy and upgrade of its facilities and services has entered into a new phase in recent months. The sports club has begun a wide programme of renovations to enhance and better position the resort.

According to Reserva del Higuerón, “This has included, among many others, adapting all services and professionals to the high standards of Hilton… This year will mark an important milestone in the history of Reserva del Higuerón Resort. During the first quarter of the year we will enter into a deep renovation of the racquet facilities with the construction of new, modern and high-standard pádel courts which will make the resort the ideal location to play this highly demanded sport.

”The above-mentioned renovation will culminate in nine new glass courts (including six panoramic ones with exits on both sides) that will replace the old wall courts. These latest-generation glass courts will be surrounded by 1,600 square metres of gardens in a wide and modern redesign of this area.

”Apart from the aforementioned nine new glass courts, we will have additional sitting areas for three other courts. This will make a total of 12 pádel courts at the Reserva del Higuerón Resort, a result that will allow us to host major events and tournaments, both national and international.”

 The work started early in January and completion is scheduled for the end of March.

New Website

Reserva del Higuerón Resort has also created a new corporate image and launched an updated website, to implement “an innovative brand positioning of an integrated resort”. Notes the resort, “Impressive views, large outdoor spaces, innovative design, a wide range of leisure services, breathtaking scenery and a mild climate also set a perfect backdrop seducing everyone looking for a unique and exclusive experience."

“We encourage you to visit us at, where simplicity and easy navigation will help visitors to get a clear view of our spirit. To make the content as accessible and understandable as possible, it has been aesthetically reinforced, with greater visual power. These are the fundamental pillars on which the new website has been built.”