Why is it important for the back muscle to be un-restricted and not hypertonic? Tension in this muscle can cause a loss of posture in the spine each time the arms are raised, as occurs during the backswing. In addition, the back muscle can limit a golfer's ability to rotate their shoulders on the backswing or follow through.

The most common swing errors caused by lack of back mobility are:

- Loss of posture

- Column at contracted angle

- Limited arm height

- Loss of angles

On the other hand, the back muscle is a powerful internal rotator and humerus (arm) abductor, so it helps generate power during the swing.

Clearly, there are several reasons for not neglecting this muscle, which is the largest, widest and strongest in our torso. Hence the importance of placing yourself in the hands of a professional to assess its functionality and, if necessary, recommend exercises in a specific and personalised way.

Here are some exercises that can help you improve the mobility and flexibility of these muscles...