La Cala Resort’s Europa golf course has been renovated and greatly improved, and is presently in an ideal state for all types of competitive demands.

The work at the Europa course has been aimed primarily at the bunkers. The sand has been completely replaced and the drains renovated and, above all else, an intense cleaning of broadleaf weeds has been undertaken – "recovering the original state and layout conditions in Bermuda," according to the resort.

In addition, specific actions related to the rough and paths have been carried out, verticutting on tees and greens, expanding tee platforms and improving the definition of the rough-fairways. Other pending work contemplates a redesign of the pathways, and a renovation of the starter hut by adding major features at the opening tee area.

Key Factors

The maintenance and presentation of a golf course are key factors in ensuring golfers’ satisfaction. Those responsible at La Cala Resort are extremely aware of this fact and spare no effort in achieving maximum potential from the golfing facilities that this sunny coastal resort offers.

With this in mind, over the past two years La Cala Resort has completed the renewal and innovation of its infrastructure to maintain its three championship courses in excellent condition, investing over €350,000 in machinery and irrigation systems.

The equipment that has been incorporated includes: six manual Toro Greenmaster Flex 2100 machines, five vehicles, a pest control unit, a Greenmaster Triplex 3400, two Sand Pro 3040, one ProCore® 1298 for spiking fairways, a Spiker 648 for greens, one Debris blower, a 5010H for fairways, a tipleta ante-green Reelmaster, and two tripletas Sidewinder for the rough.

The maintenance of the resort is carried out by a highly qualified team led by head greenkeeper Rafael Linares, a prestigious professional among his peers, as highlighted by the fact that last year he was nominated for the “Greenkeeper of Spain” award, one of the accolades presented by the Spanish Association of Greenkeepers.

The nomination of the La Cala Resort greenkeeper was based on the great work carried out at the hotel and leisure complex. Andalucian colleagues valued “the achievements after only two years” of work carried out on the resort’s three golf courses, academy and football pitch. Members of the association stressed that “the improvements have been both noticeable and very significant”. On a personal level, they highlighted “the high degree of preparation” of Linares, his “responsibility” and his reputation as “a serious and hardworking person”, not forgetting “the valuable team” that supports him.

The comments and reviews from regular golfers or those who visit La Cala Resort frequently generally confirm the significant improvements that have been experienced in recent years on the resort’s golf courses.

Golf, Spa, Gastronomy and Leisure at La Cala Resort

La Cala Resort is renowned as one of the finest golf resorts in Andalucía. It has three breath-taking golf courses designed by Cabell B. Robinson, a golf academy and a six-hole par-three layout, as well as a football pitch and sporting facilities offering FIFA international professional standards. Another exceptional feature at La Cala Resort is the eight-kilometre running circuit. The hotel comprises, among other amenities and services, 107 rooms in three categories, three themed restaurants and a 1,300 square metre spa.