Why did we become San Roque Club members?

The two captains of this renowned club in Cádiz province explain the reasons why they decided to join the resort club – and the benefits of being a member.

Located in Sotogrande, San Roque Club comprises two 18-hole courses: the Old and New, venues for the Spanish Open in 2005 and 2006, won by Swedes Peter Hanson and Niclas Fasth, respectively. The club has also hosted several finals of the Tour Qualifying School and, its stunning clubhouse – built in the Domecq family’s spectacular country mansion – provided a relaxing home away from home for the world’s top players during the 1997 Ryder Cup, when they stayed in the resort’s then hotel.

MARY FLAVIN (Ladies' Captain)


1 How did you discover San Roque club and when did you join?

We bought a house in San Roque Club in 2005 and joined that year.


2 Why did you choose San Roque above all other clubs in this area?

Firstly, we met a lot of San Roque members; it had a great social aspect to it, which I think is very important in any club. It has two championship golf courses and a fantastic clubhouse.


3 As a platinum member what benefits do you enjoy?

You have unlimited golf on the Old Course and 20 rounds free of charge on the New Course. You have only-members’ tee times every day from 8am to 12 noon and 2.30am till late on the Old Course. So there is never a problem to get a tee time any day. You have access to all private members areas.


4 The roll-ups that San Roque Club members play every week are very popular. Can you explain to us a bit more about them?

Roll-ups are every Tuesday and Thursday mornings. You only have to ring the club that morning and you can join in. It's a great way to meet other members and, if you have family or friends out visiting, they can play with you for a reduced fee. 


5 How does the men’s/ladies section work together?

Really well! Both men and ladies are happy to accommodate each other with tee times when we have competitions, and the mixed competitions are very well supported and enjoyed by everyone.


6 How do you rate both the Old and New Courses compared to other prestigious courses?

On a count of 10 I would give both courses 10. Each course is very challenging in different ways. 


7 San Roque Club prides itself on its service and philosophy of personal attention for members. Would you agree with this?

I certainly would. The San Roque Club team are always on hand to oblige the members and always happy to help us.


8 What is the roll of San Roque’s lady captain?

As lady captain you are a figurehead for the club; you organise the roll-ups during the week and you try to mix the ladies so usually you play with someone different each day. You are on hand to welcome new members or visitors if they play in any of our competitions. We try to organise one fun competition a month. We also have a Captain´s Day, and a Captain´s Tour where we go away for four to five days of golfing and partying.


9 What are the priority objectives in your captaincy year?

To hope that every member is happy at San Roque Club this year and enjoy my year.


10 Would you recommend membership at San Roque Club to other golfers?

I most certainly would, without a doubt in my mind. 

ANDY STANFORD (Men's Captain)


1 How did you discover San Roque Club and when did you join?

I started visiting Sotogrande in the late ‘90s and San Roque was always a must to visit and play. So when I bought a property in Sotogrande I already knew the clubs in the area and, due to the atmosphere and friendliness, along with the Old Course and the New having just been opened, there was no other choice than San Roque Club. I joined in 2005 and have enjoyed 13 years of great golf and friendship.


2 Why did you choose San Roque Club above all the other clubs in this area?

Further to my answer above, along with the golf and members there is always the cost consideration. At the time golf, and the economy, were booming so membership costs for courses were very high and all relatively similar. The two courses and the feeling of San Roque were the ultimate factors that helped me make my decision.


3 As a platinum member, what benefits do you enjoy?

The platinum membership allows unlimited golf on the Old Course, where you can bring three guests at discounted rates plus have 20 free rounds on the New Course. In addition, there is the two-storey driving range with free balls, a great pro shop and bar where you have a 20 per cent discount, members changing rooms with lockers and a gym.


4 The roll-ups that San Roque Club members play every week are very popular. Can you explain to us a bit more about them?

Every week there are roll-ups on a Tuesday and Thursday which start at 9.30am, and at the weekend there is always an organised tournament or a roll-up. Mid-week we usually have between 16 to 30 players depending on the time of year and the weather! There are always a good number of regulars who are really friendly and welcoming, making it exceptional easy for the members who return regularly or are on holiday to join without feeling out of place – the more the merrier! At weekends the numbers do increase and at our main events, of which there are quite a few, we can have 60 to 120, again depending on the time of year and event, creating a wonderful atmosphere before and after the golf.


5 How do the men’s and ladies’ sections work together?

Both sections work well together and separately due to both captains’ organisation and an understanding of the members’ requirements. Mid-week the roll-ups are mainly separate, although we meet on the terrace for drinks after. At weekends there are many mixed competitions which are always very well supported.


6 How do you rate both the Old and New Courses compared to other prestigious courses?

The San Roque and Sotogrande area is privileged with five championship courses within two miles of each other. In my opinion, they are all very good but, having two different testing and different courses, San Roque Club wins hands down. In addition, when it comes to the summer months it is very rare that you cannot book a tee time within your time frame, unlike most of the other courses in the area. If I had to choose one then it would have to be the Old Course, with all the holes being completely different and technically challenging for all handicaps. It is also very walkable, which a majority of the members do, unlike a lot of the other courses.


7 San Roque Club prides itself on its service and philosophy of personal attention for members. Would you agree with this?

The members receive a great service from all departments within the club. They look after all our golfing needs, from checking-in to checking-out. The ladies in the pro shop are always happy to help, whether it be buying golf equipment, hiring buggies, finding your handicap, etc. in fact, all you would expect from a well-run professional shop. The caddy masters are always available to help with your bags, buggies and trolleys, and on the course they will be checking you are keeping up with play, which is good as no one likes slow play! The ground staff, as per all the staff, are very friendly and courteous when you see them on the course and they do a fantastic job maintaining the fields of play. Finally, the management are always talking to us to give information as to what is happening and their ideas for the club, and are very willing to hear our thoughts and words of wisdom. Overall, the service all round is very good.


8 What is the role of the San Roque Club captain?

In general, the role is a figurehead for the members in all aspects relating to both golf and social events. To work with and help the management understand their requirements and concerns, in order to continue the friendly and harmonious club we have. It is demanding at times and does take a surprising amount of time to achieve this but, as they say, the more you put in the more you get out. Briefly, it starts with the organisation of the year’s calendar, prior to being captain, then organising and coordinating the three weekly competitions. In addition, there are interclub matches against local clubs and various matches against touring clubs from England and Ireland, after which we have lunch and the menu needs organising. A few of the main events during the year are the Christmas tournament, Captains Day and Past Captains/Invitational Day where we have 100 to 140 attendants. The organising can be extensive, not just the golf but the evening, with menu and wine selection, entertainment, prizes, etc., and on occasions where we have the bigger numbers a venue out of the club is necessary, causing other logistical issues. Overall, there is a lot more to captaincy than most people see. However, it is a privileged position at such a prestigious club and, most of the time very enjoyable and rewarding.


9 What are the priority objectives in your captaincy year?

Trying not to repeat previous answers, my main priority is to work on behalf of the members in all aspects of the club, both internally and externally, to make sure they all have the best possible and varied golf over the year while having fun on and off the course. This is a wonderful club and I would like to encourage non-members to come and experience what we have as, I firmly believe, overall this is the best in the area.


10 Would you recommend membership at San Roque Club to other golfers?

I would strongly recommend San Roque Club to any golfer of whatever handicap. The two courses are a challenge for any ability, from pro to 36-handicap, yet very enjoyable, and the camaraderie on and off the course cannot be beaten on the Coast. The only way for anyone to understand my enthusiasm is to come and join us for a round, then you will be convinced.